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Uniform Reminders

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Uniform Reminders
by Ann Hemmings - Monday, 2 May 2016, 9:33 AM

1                     Hoods are not to be seen.

2                     Until the fleece-lined jackets become available (probably next year) students may add-

PLAIN, navy (dark) blue or white long-sleeved T-shirts to be worn UNDER the school shirts.  These must be free of logos, stripes etc and are not to be black, grey or anything but plain dark blue or plain white .  The school shirt, jacket or jumper must still be the outer layer.

3                     Track pants are not allowed in any form (until the new ones start being sold from the Uniform Shop -likely to be next Winter). 

4                     Plain full-length (not mid-calf) thick tights or pantyhose in black or beige are allowed (must have skirt, shorts or trousers over the top).

Students out of uniform should report to the Gell Centre    before school.

Jennifer White